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I received this eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Uncaged is the first book in a new YA series featuring teen brother and sister Odin & Shay Remby. The first book picks up with Shay looking for her missing brother who is a computer genius, but mildly autistic. She tracks him to Hollywood where she discovers he has joined a radical animal rights group called Storm. They break into facilities who are using animals for research and release them. This time however they’ve taken on the wrong people. The Singular Corporation is not the benevolent medical research company it claims to be. They are also not only doing inhumane research on animals. Odin escapes with one of their projects and Singular will do anything to get him back and hide the truth. I thought this was a pretty good start for a new series. The characters were interesting. Shay was strong, fearless, and, imaginative. And I especially liked the enigmatic Twist who becomes Shays mentor. The story was incredibly fast and a bit uneven in spots. When I first started reading it I was bouncing from person to person so quickly it was a bit confusing, but the strong plot drew me in so it gradually became less so. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this to younger YAs. It has alot of violence in it. And animal lovers beware. It’s also extremely graphic. Otherwise I would recommend this to fans of high octane adventures