Great list!

The Book Wars

I know there aren’t many but maybe we can use this topic to give a shoutout to them indie places?

Top Ten Tuesday


I made this list before for my Tumblr last December. I’ll pick my top five for this post:

  1. Kidsbooks– Obviously. I mean, if you’re in Vancouver and find yourself in Kits, you basically have to go to Kidsbooks. There is no resisting it. Later, you can head over to Neverland Tea Salon to read your purchases as you sip one of their fabulous teas. 
  2. Pulpfiction– A neat little second-hand-but-almost-new kind of place. Not much cheaper than Kidsbooks, if I’m honest, but it is in close enough proximity to see what each location has to offer. Also, I think the lady who works in the W. Broadway branch likes Welcome to Night Vale, so go say hello.
  3. Lucky’s– Cutest comics/graphic novels/picturebook store. On Main Street, at least.

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