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9780525426448_p0_v2_s300xThanks to NetGalley I read the preview last night and I just have to say Atlantia is on my top ten Fall books I can’t wait to come out! The premise is there are two worlds: Below which is an underwater world protected from the water so humans can breath. It’s sort of described as this exotic hub which has tentacles that reach out. There are temples, houses, markets, roads, everything. Then there is Above, where people volunteer to go to make sure that Below gets supplies and everything it needs to survive. This is a big sacrifice because supposedly Above is filled with pollution and life expectancy is much shorter. The main gist of the story looks like it will be centered around two twin sisters, Rio and Bay. Their father died awhile ago and their mother just died under strange circumstances on the doorstep of their mysterious aunt. Once a year, there is the ceremony where you allowed to choose to remain Below, or sacrifice yourself and go Above. Rio has always wanted the latter, but now that they’re alone, Bay makes her promise they’ll stay together Below. Then Bay mysteriously sacrifices herself leaving Rio alone Below, that is except for their aunt who is a siren like Rio which in this world is not a desirable thing to be. This preview has so many teasers! Why was the twins’ mother rushing to see her sister before she died when they hadn’t spoken for years? Why has Bay betrayed her sister when they have such a close relationship? Why does the aunt now want to mentor Rio and help her escape up to Above?  Ahhh!!! I can’t believe this isn’t coming out until the end of October!  Based on this preview I would definitely recommend you place a hold at your local library, or you pre-order your book or ebook online now.