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9780525953692_p0_v1_s300xThe Immortal Crown is the sequel to Gameboard of the Gods and you should definitely read that first or things could get confusing. This second adventure involves Justin and Mae joining politician and friend Lucian Darling on a mission to further diplomatic relations with the neighboring country of Arcadia. While RUNA has its faults, it’s paradise compared to Arcadia who treats their women as objects to be bought and sold, and intertwines their religion with the way they govern, all the while having no problem twisting it to further their own agenda. The book is basically divided into three parts. Mae who unbeknownst to Justin, has talked him into going to Arcadia so she can rescue her niece who was smuggled there because she’s illegitimate. Once Justin is there however, he discovers a nefarious plot to take over RUNA by the Arcadians. And Tessa, who is back in RUNA attending school and interning with a sneaky tabloid reporter who threatens to expose the entire mission. I thought The Immortal  Crown was good, but suffering from “sequelitis”. It was very slow in parts which made it difficult for me at times to keep reading. There is little development in the relationship between Justin and Mae. However the plot is solid and is obviously setting things up for the next book. I’m glad I read it. Just relieved I borrowed it from my library instead of buying it. I am looking forward to the next book. Hopefully it will be faster paced.