9781423181729_p0_v1_s300xCan you imagine your worst nightmare? For Ivy Jensen it’s the constant fear that the killer who murdered her parents six years ago and got away, will find her. For Parker Bradley it’s sea serpents. For the other five essay “winners” it’s a myriad of terrors. The contest is sponsored by horror maverick Justin Blake who promises the seven fans a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at his latest project if they face their nightmares and survive a two day stay at the Dark House. Once the contestants arrive things are already strange. One of the group has disappeared leaving only a warning behind for the others. Their hostess is a dead ringer for one of Blake’s movie serial killers. And then there’s the Nightmare Elf, Blake’s most well known creation, lurking around threatening to collect their dreams. Trust me, this is not a good thing. Who, if anyone will survive? Well, I now have an elf phobia, (except for Legolas) to go with my fear of clowns. And I literally did have a nightmare after reading this book in one day. Ahh. The sign of a truly good horror novel. The characters at first seem like the cliched type that you see so much of in horror movies geared towards teens, but once you get their backstories you discover they’re a little more complex. The chapters alternate between them but in no way does this make things confusing or hard to follow. They’re also short and the book is a very quick read. The ending will drive you crazy so if you decide to read this book pray that Laurie is finishing the sequel. NOW! I highly recommend this to fans of YA horror books and movies. You will not be disappointed.