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9781250042156_p0_v3_s300xCaptain James Benjamin Hook. We all know him. Archvillain extraordinaire, questionable taste in clothes, good with a sword, antagonist of innocent children.  Many of us have grown up with the tale of Peter Pan and his nemesis. But what if there was a different side of the story?  Haven’t you ever wondered what made Hook, ahem, tick? In Alias Hook, Lisa Jensen gives us an interesting look at what led James Benjamin Hookenbridge down the terrible path he chose, and why. You see James started out the son of a wealthy tradesman during the late 1600s and early 1700s. He had a mother who loved him, a father who while aloof, wasn’t abusive, the best schooling, clothes, friends, etc… Once he’s finished school, James leaves his fiancee at home and becomes a privateer harassing the French and adding to his family’s wealth. He thinks he has all the time in the world. But then he is captured and by the time he makes his way home it’s to find that both his parents are dead, and he’s been betrayed. Branded an outlaw he is forced to flee and bitter and angry vows revenge against the world who has turned it’s back on him. He now truly becomes the murderous, blackhearted pirate of which so much is written about. To make matters worse he has a brief affair with a voudon priestess and after cruelly rejecting her, she creates a spell that transports him to Neverland. There he’s trapped into a never-ending series of battles with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. That is until he starts hearing voices whispering of last chances. And that’s when the mysterious Stella appears from the outside world. But will she lead him to freedom, or his death?  This is a brilliantly conceived novel about a man, not a myth. It captures all the themes of love, redemption and salvation. It will have you cheering for the unlikliest of heroes and even falling a little in love with with his character yourself. Most of all, it reminds us that there is always more to a story. If you loved Peter Pan as a child, You will be enchanted with Alias Hook as an adult!