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9781492612636_p0_v1_s300xThis is a review on an ebook which was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Poor Skylar Reid. First her overprotective mother uproots her from her Connecticut home and all of her friends, but then she settles them in Florida where it’s a little tough to make new friends when most residents are seventy-five and older. To make matters worse, on her first day of school another girl attempts to kill her while saying she’s doing her a favor. Not a good start for Sky. Fortunately this book is an excellent teaser for Suzanne and her daughter Melanie’s first YA series. It’s tied into the same slightly futuristic world as Suzanne’s adult book, Born Into Darkness but you don’t necessarily have to read that first (although it’s fantastic). Sky and her friends however will deal with some of the same problems as the their adult counterparts: superpowers, people who are addicted to an illegal drug which gives them powers, makes them crazy, etc… Dangerous Destiny is actually a prequel and also includes a chapter from the upcoming book Night Sky so it’s like getting two gifts in one. It also has a great Q & A with the authors which is both informative and funny. From reading this book (which is out Tues. 8/26), I think this is going to be a thrilling and funny new series. The full length novel, Night Sky, will be released on Oct. 7th.