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9781495373305_p0_v4_s300xRising Tide is the first book in the Maura DeLuca Trilogy.

I thought I was finished with vampire books at least for awhile until I picked up Rising Tide and it immediately sucked me in. 16 year old Maura has never been part of the popular clique at school. Add to this a missing father who her emotionally distant mother refuses to tell her about, and a severe aversion to sunlight that makes her physically sick, Maura (Mink) should be miserable, but she makes the best of things. Now suddenly her mother Caelyn announces they’re moving to from their home in Pennsylvania to Vancouver and Maura couldn’t be happier. Less sun and a chance to remake herself? What’s not to be happy about? But as moving day approaches, she suddenly not only attracts the perfect boyfriend, but also kids who want to be friends with her. Unfortunately this comes along with strange physical changes that her mother persists in ignoring. What is the mystery behind all this, and should Maura start a relationship with someone she may never see again? Obviously the reader knows a lot of what’s going on with Maura. But Claudette puts enough twists in the storyline to still keep you guessing. She has a beautiful, smooth way of writing that keeps you entranced, which is probably why I finished this in one day. Maura is a wonderful heroine who is sweet, courageous, and loyal without being annoying. Her protectiveness towards her mother is incredible given that she doesn’t get much in return. YAs will relate to this book with it’s themes of relationships and bullying. It does end with a cliffhanger, so the second book can’t come out soon enough!