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9781500885533_p0_v1_s300x  I received this ebook from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Frederick Snow has been a footman for Lady Balrumple since he was fifteen and found shivering and dressed in rags on her doorstep. During the last ten years he has earned the respect and admiration of everyone “below stairs”. But he continues to keep a part of himself hidden even from his best friend Tall John. What is this secret? Charlotte Erlwood, the grandniece of Lady Balrumple arrives at Charmont Park after the man she’s in love with proposes to her sister. She’s selfish and completely self involved. Her sole purpose now is to land herself a wealthy husband. How can two people with such completely different personalities and backgrounds fall in love and save each other?  This is a charming, loose retelling of Snow White with Frederick playing the lead. It’s set in a Regency period world which also has fantasy elements. It also reminded me a little of Downton Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs because you see so much of the servants’ lives. The people in it are all distant descendants of the Fae. Everyone has magical powers, but the nobility have the strongest ones. I fell in love with Frederick immediately. He’s passionate and loyal, and my heart just broke because of what he’s been through. Charlotte was originally a little more difficult to like. She’s intelligent, but completely obnoxious and makes it a little difficult to have any sympathy for her.  Fortunately, Frederick brings the best out of her and she winds up being funny and compassionate without losing her feistiness. Elizabeth Vail does a good job with the world building except for a couple of things. Frederick’s “curse” is very confusing through most of the book. I didn’t really understand what it was beyond that it could be harmful to the people he was around until I was halfway through the book. She also doesn’t really explain what happened to the original Fae. And finally, she drops in a catastrophic “Blight” that wiped out an entire segment of the population, but doesn’t really specify what happened. Because I found the book so enjoyable otherwise, this was a little frustrating. I still would recommend this to those of you who enjoy romance, historical fiction, and fantasy. I’m hoping the author will write more books in this enchanting world which will not only introduce new characters but also further develop what led to it’s creation.