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9781477847749_p0_v2_s300x  This ebook was provided to me by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

All it takes is a car, six teenagers, alcohol and a gun for a night out to turn into tragedy. Brendan (the jock), Felix (the stoner), Emma & Chloe (the popular girls), Anil (the studious one), and Maxi, (the newbie) all represent the typical cliques you find in the teenage world. Ghosting takes place in a small midwestern town but it could be set anywhere. From the first page it is obvious that what starts as an innocent night out ending with a trip to the local rundown house next to a cemetary is careening toward something horrible. Added to the mix is Emma’s fourteen year old sister who discovers where the teens are headed and wanting to prevent her big sister from getting into trouble, tries to head them off on her bike. And finally there’s Walter. He’s a sweet, mentally disabled nineteen year old who lives in that scary house with his elderly mother who suffers from dementia. He also has a gun and is not only protective of his mother, but sees himself as the sheriff in a wild west show. Every character, even the town’s police chief is given their own voice to relate the events unfolding. This is done in a free verse, streaming consciousness style of writing, but no character’s thoughts are written the same. I cannot recommend this book highly enough to teens, or adults. Though the writing is spare it is so beautifully evocative it will leave you breathless. Although each teenager fits into a stereotypical mold, they are all so much more than that, and even Emma and Brendan, the most obnoxious ones, will have you weeping for them. Before the “tragedy”, I found myself wanting to leap into the story to try to prevent the inevitable. There were so many moments where if just one little thing had changed… But that’s real life, which makes this story so much sadder. This literally could have been ripped from a headline. The ending is perfect because it leaves you with hope for all the characters. Yes they’ve been through something horrible, but they are all changed for the better by it, and isn’t that what anyone could ask for an outcome?