This is the interview that David Long did with Jim Beaver. It’s incredibly thought provoking and inspiring!

Double Your Presence (Ver 1.6)

Hey you! What’s up? My name is David Long and welcome back to another post on where I do my best to help people with social issues to understand and manage them better and hopefully, even inspire them to live their life to the fullest!

So, as mentioned in the Year-Ending Reminder (My previous blog post), here is the short email interview with Jim Beaver (Actor best known for his roles in Deadwood & Supernatural) that many of you are excited to get your eyes on (Hah, get it? I said eyes, not hands) and so without further adieu, enjoy!

Q1. When did you start making VERDIGRIS a reality? Why? Was it a tough decision for you?

VERDIGRIS as a play was conceived even as the events which inspired it were taking place.

Even then, long before I’d ever written a play, I knew somehow that…

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