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9781477829486_p0_v1_s300x I received this e-Arc from NetGalley and Amazon Publishing in exchange for an honest review. 

Release Date: 4/7/15

Dr. Christopher Kellan is a beloved husband, father, and a respected psychologist who treats patients at the Loveland Psychiatric Hospital. He had a difficult childhood but has put that behind him and carved out a successful niche for himself. That all begins to unravel with the arrival of new patient Donny Ray Smith, who is accused of murdering ten young girls. Chris and his colleagues have been asked to advise the court regarding Donny Ray’ s mental state. As soon as they meet, Chris feels as though he’s met Donny Ray before, but that’s impossible. Then, as he gets to know him more through their sessions, things just don’t add up and soon Chris’s life has spun completely out of control. Is he going insane or is Donny Ray somehow manipulating him?

Twisted is the perfect title for this book, because by the time you finish it you will be tied up in knots! I’ve read plenty of thrillers, but Andrew Kaufman weaves a web of psychological tension that makes it difficult to tear yourself away. I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning, because I just had to know the outcome. Andrew Kaufman goes into great detail regarding Chris’s tragic childhood, as well as his current family life, so you truly feel as though you know him. Chris is a likeable man who is a wonderful father to his adorable six year old son Devon. He and his wife Jenna also share a very close and supportive relationship. This is a close knit, loving family, which makes the perceived danger even more frightening. I don’t want to give any spoilers away, but everything changes when Chris crashes his car into a tree after swerving to avoid a child who ran out in front of him.  From there on, you know there is something drastically wrong but it’s increasingly difficult to discern what is real and what isn’t. Adding to the suspense is the cat and mouse game that seems to develop between Chris and Donny Ray. The story is told from the POV of Chris which makes it that much more compelling. While some of his actions made me scratch my head at times, he’s such a sympathetic character that my heart just broke for him. At the same time Chris is questioning his sanity, so will you, and the tension keeps building until it’s climatic conclusion which takes one last final surprising “twist”. In essence, this book is absolutely brilliant, and if you like psychological suspense, I strongly encourage you to try this!