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9780765375162_p0_v3_s300x I received this ebook from NetGalley and Tor Teen in exchange for an honest review.

What mother doesn’t want their daughter to grow up to be just like them? In Camelia’s situation however, there’s a small problem. You see, her mother’s a witch. And a wicked witch at that, who’s rather obsessed with world domination. Cam’s been fairly successful thus far at thwarting her mother’s crazy schemes, but when the witch summons a demon who promptly possesses the boy who Cam is interested in, well, she has more problems than rebelling against her mother. Events have been set in motion, and now Cam may have to take a page out of her mother’s spell-book if she’s to save Devon and her school.

Seriously Wicked is Tina Connolly’s first book for teens, and I found it to be a quick fun read. The story is told in the first person by 15-year-old Cam who doesn’t exactly get along with Sarmine Scarabouche aka “The Witch”, who may or may not be her mother. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with magic, except for taking care of the dragon they have in their garage. Yep! That’s right! They have a dragon. Unfortunately, “The Witch”, is determined that Cam will follow in her footsteps and assigns her a multitude of crazy tasks, and punishments when she doesn’t comply. While Cam rebels constantly, she never complains, and retains a sense of humor about everything. Their relationship reminded me of the classic children’s book Little Witch, by Anna Elizabeth Bennett. While Cam rebels constantly, she never complains, and retains her sense of humor. I found her to be an extremely appealing character. When the new boy, Devon, is taken over by the demon, Cam is determined to do everything she can to save not only his soul, but also her school, which factors in to her mother’s nefarious plot. The romance between Cam and Devon is sweet and charming, and when the demon starts sharing his body, it makes things even more interesting. Connolly does a good job balancing the paranormal aspects of Cam’s life, with issues every teen girl faces, like Algebra, and dealing with mean girls. Although Cam is a sophomore in this book, I actually think it’ll appeal to middle-schoolers more. It’s a little too cute and frothy for older YAs. Overall I think Seriously Wicked is a nice light-hearted break from the darker YA books that are so popular right now.