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Thanks to NetGalley and Random House Doubleday for sending me an e-ARC!

Release Date: January 19th, 2016

Synopsis: It’s wintertime in the Hamptons, where Scott and his wife, Elise, have come to be with her terminally ill father, Victor, to await the inevitable. As weeks turn to months, their daily routine–Elise at the hospital with her father, Scott pretending to work and drinking Victor’s booze–only highlights their growing resentment and dissatisfaction with the usual litany of unhappy marriages: work, love, passion, each other. But then Scott notices something simple, even innocuous. Every night at precisely eleven, the lights in the neighbor’s bedroom turn off. It’s clearly a timer…but in the dead of winter with no one else around, there’s something about the light he can’t let go of. So one day while Elise is at the hospital, he breaks in. And he feels a jolt of excitement he hasn’t felt in a long time. Soon, it’s not hard to enlist his wife as a partner in crime and see if they can’t restart the passion. 

Their one simple transgression quickly sends husband and wife down a deliriously wicked spiral of bad decisions, infidelities, escalating violence, and absolutely shocking revelations.

The good news is that this book is an exciting and dark psychological thriller. The bad news is the characters go so off the deep end by the middle of the book that any empathy I had for them was completely lost.

First, you need to realize that Scott and Elise aren’t the sharpest crayons in the box. I mean honestly? Nothing says romance like breaking into your neighbor’s house and having sex on their bed? Then they discover that underneath the bedspread upon which they just rekindled their passion is a large amount of dried blood.  From there on in it’s just one idiotic decision after another from these two. 

But, somehow I couldn’t stop reading. I’m not sure what that says about me. There is a lot of psychological suspense which the author uses very well in a sort of visual sense. If Alfred Hitchcock had penned a novel he couldn’t have ratcheted up the tension more. I actually felt like I was seeing events play out through the eyes of Scott who’s the narrator. And the shocking revelations pile on one after another. After the first few chapters I thought I knew where things were headed, but I was wrong.  

So, here’s the question as to whether I recommend this or not. If you enjoy psychological thrillers with tons of suspense and surprising plot twists, and don’t mind unsavory characters, than definitely try this. It’s a quick read that has an ending you won’t see coming!