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Thank you NetGalley and Sourcebooks Fire for providing an e-Arc in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis: After producing three horror movies that went mostly ignored on YouTube, Justin and his filmmaking buddies decide it’s time to make something epic. In fact, they’re going to make The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever. They may not have the money or a script, but they have passion. And, after a rash text message, they also have the beautiful Alicia Hosts as the lead. 

Hemmed in by a one-month timeline and a cast of uncooperative extras, but aching to fulfill Alicia’s dreams, Justin must face the sad, sad, truth: he may, in actuality, be producing The Worst Zombie Movie Ever.

Jeff Strand has earned his stellar reputation for writing comedic horror for teens and adults, even being called “the clown prince of horror”  but while The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever has plenty of his trademark humor, instead of horror it turns into a nostalgic ode to movie making which will appeal to anyone who’s ever aspired to be the next Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg or George Lucas.

Justin, Gage, and Bobby are three of the most lovable goofballs I’ve read about in a very long time. What they have on their side is their camaraderie and their passion for zombie movies. Armed with their camera and $5,000 courtesy from Justin’s grandmother–who in addition to baking cookies turns out to be quite the loan shark–they’re determined that this movie is going to put them on the map. Unfortunately everything that can go wrong, does go wrong usually in hysterically funny ways, which will have you laughing out loud. You also can’t help rooting for these hapless misfits. Yes, some of the plot is a bit predictable, especially in regards to the boys friendship being put in peril as they careen from crisis to crisis, but in the end it doesn’t really matter because you’ll become so emotionally invested in the characters that you won’t care.

The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever is a book about friendship, pursuing your dreams, and overcoming adversity, which makes it a perfect addition to any middle school or high school library. If you’re an adult like me who loves not only movies but everything that goes into making them, I highly recommend this. I know it’s only March, but this is already one of my favorite books of 2016!