Here are some chilling statistics from Green Dragon Artist on how many Muslims are dying at the hands of terrorists, yet the media and politicians don’t seem to want to talk about this. Instead they’re more interested in stoking the flames of fear and hatred. “Love-Mongering”. Pass it on!

Christy Jackson Nicholas, Author and Artist

I don’t normally go political on my blog. I like the happy world of travel, magic, writing and art. But sometimes one must speak out against the hatred.
We live in a scary world. Most of us want to hide our heads in the sand and forget the evil is out there. I wish I could on many days, but if we all do this, then the evil will run rampant and be free to do as it wishes.
I didn’t create the meme below. I prefer to use IS rather than blaspheme the name of a perfectly innocent Goddess. And they misspelled a couple of things. And yet, it is a perfectly valid sentiment.
I am concerned that innocent people are dying, and we are doing nothing to prevent it. I don’t care if they are Muslim, Christian, Pagan, Atheist, or Pastafarians. They are HUMAN. They are our people…

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