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Thursday September 1st, marks 37 years since the 1979 publication of The Neverending Story, Michael Ende’s magical tale that delighted and enthralled readers all over the world. From that book, came the 1984 cult classic movie, and the infectious theme song by Limahl, that once, you heard it you couldn’t get it out of your head. And today Google has given its fans a treat by illustrating each chapter from the book, starting with young Bastian Balthazar Bux’s discovery of a shabby old book called The Neverending Story,

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which sends him on a magical journey through an alternate fantasy universe.


Google fittingly writes:

“Every once in a blue moon a book captures the imagination, providing a portal into magical places unknown. So it was with The Neverending Story.”

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Both the book and the movie are beautifully done, so if you haven’t read/seen them, please treat yourself! And if you’re fan like me, what better time is this, than to revisit some old friends?