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288 Pages

Synopsis: Wendy Darling: Seas finds Wendy and Michael aboard the dreaded Sudden Night, a dangerous behemoth sailed by the infamous Captain Hook and his blood-thirsty crew. In this exotic world of mermaids, spies and pirate-feuds, Wendy finds herself struggling to keep her family above the waves. Hunted by the twisted boy who once stole her heart and struggling to survive in the whimsical Neverland sea, returning home to London now seems like a distant dream–and the betrayals have just begun.

Will Wendy find shelter with Peter’s greatest enemy, or is she a pawn in a much darker game, one that could forever alter not only her family’s future, but also the soul of Neverland itself?

Hmm. I guess I am in a Peter Pan frame of mind! Anyway, last October I read/reviewed the first book in this series, Stars, and wound up only giving it 3 stars because I had a lot of issues with the characters, namely Peter. However, the ending was really good and it was enough to make me want to check out the sequel, and I’m so glad I did, because Seas wound up being quite enjoyable. To be honest, I think this was partly because the psychopathic Peter wasn’t really in it until near the end. Wendy also became much fiercer this time around which was a welcome sight, as in the previous book she was a bit of a doormat. She still has many of the same fears, but now she courageously fights through them and becomes a force to be reckoned with. Hook and his pirates are much more likable than Peter and his Lost Boys. While Hook has his flaws, he’s nowhere near the villain readers of Peter Pan have become familiar with. His and Peter’s relationship is thoroughly explored and shows an unexpected side to Hook which had me loving him by the end of the book. The ending is even more surprising than the first’s and as it’s a cliffhanger, I’m quite excited for the third book, Shadow,  which comes out next year. Overall, Seas is rollicking good fun with plenty of action and phenomenal world-building. Colleen Oakes breathes new life into Neverland and readers will feel as though they’re right there in the thick of things.