It’s not exactly a secret that 2016 has been a particularly ugly one for Americans because of an election that has left many of us stunned, embarrassed, scared, stressed, depressed and ashamed. I’ve wondered so many times in the past few months about how the rest of the world must be viewing us. And then last week, Canada, our wonderful neighbors to the north made an incredible video and took to Twitter to remind us what’s still great about our country. Dreamed up by Garden North America, a Toronto based creative agency, the campaign is called “Let’s Tell America It’s Great.” In the incredibly upbeat and optimistic video, Canadians praise everything, from our music, and food, to our diversity and even our national parks. This in turn has sparked a frenzy on Twitter with throngs of people from around the world who have added their own voices in #TELLAMERICAITSGREAT.


So, as one American who is still hopeful for the future of our country, I want to just say thank you to everyone who’s participated in this. Particularly Canada, who we are so lucky to have as a neighbor, because no matter what happens we know they’ll never give up on us.