This is an incredibly informative interview that Kat’s done with two Muslim friends of hers. If you can, please go check it out!

Welcome to the Goose Chase

It’s no secret that this election has brought out a whole lot of nasty when it comes to the way people view Muslims. Not to say that it wasn’t there before–Islamophobia has been part of the fabric of American culture for decades, unfortunately. This is nothing new.

But it seems that Trump and his ilk have given license to bigots of all stripes to speak their minds freely and proudly in political circles today, which is a great danger in and of itself. Trump has pseudo-legitimized the place of white nationalism in public political discourse. We are now expected, because of him, to give some kind of respect and credence to bigotry and racism as a “political opinion” rather than what it really is–unchecked prejudice and fear of non-Christians, Muslims in particular. He brought them to the forefront of the conversation, and now we’re supposed to actually listen to their ignorance and hatred…

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