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Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review. 

320 Pages

Synopsis: Jenna is seriously ill. She’s lost all hope of getting the heart transplant she needs to live. But just as her life is ebbing away, she receives a donor heart from a girl called Callie.

Who was Callie and how did she die?

The closer Jenna gets to those who loved Callie, the more questions arise about her untimely death. Someone knows what happened to Callie. Why won’t they talk?

Jenna is about to uncover the truth, but it could cost her everything; her loved ones, her sanity, even her life.

The Gift is another book I just had to try after reading several positive reviews on both Goodreads and WordPress, and I’m so happy I did because it was a real page-turner! While the concept of a transplant recipient winding up with the memories and characteristics of the donor has been used as a plot device before, Louise Jensen managed to give it an entirely new and intriguing twist. Jenna is a likable yet unreliable MC, but in the best possible way. I could completely emphasize with her anger and grief, as well as her sense of helplessness in regards to her new life. Likewise, I understood why she lashed out at the people who loved her. But when her gratitude and interest in Callie and her parents turn into a rather scary at times, obsession, there were times I just didn’t know what to think. Was she really having visions of Callie’s death and the events leading up to it, or was everything a result of an overactive imagination and the medication she was on? Through it all though, I also admired her determination to discover the truth, even when she herself expressed doubts about her sanity. All of the secondary characters are equally well-written, but my favorites were Sam, her ever loyal ex, and Rachel, her supportive best friend. Sam barely falters in his love and support for Jenna, even when she’s treating him miserably and pushing him away. Rachel is the type of friend everyone should have; always there, yet willing to tell you when you’re acting a little crazy. The plot itself is filled with numerous twists and turns which make for a tension-filled read. And the truth behind everything that’s occurred…Well, let’s just say I never saw that coming! The only reason why I didn’t rate this 5 stars is because there were a few minor plot holes that weren’t filled to my satisfaction, but overall The Gift is a fantastic psychological thriller that I highly recommend to fans of the genre.