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I’d like to thank the Philip Purser-Hallard for sending me a copy of his book in exchange for an honest review.

538 Pages

Synopsis: For the first time since the Dark Ages, Britain has a High King. The Pendragon device has returned, wielded by former paramilitary officer and eco-activist Jory Taylor. Under his rule, the UK faces an unparalleled social, economic and artistic renaissance–and an unprecedented challenge, for the original King Arthur’s reign was a brief flowering ending in devastation and betrayal.

While a man claiming the device of Corineus the Trojan ferments political unrest, and other nations’ devicial agents prob the realm mercilessly for weaknesses, High King Jordan must somehow rewrite his story’s ending, and usher in a true new order.

One that stands some chance, at least, of outliving him.

Trojans is the final book in The Devices Trilogy and it goes out with a bang! It picks up seven years after The Locksley Exploit left off. Jordan Taylor is now High King of modern-day Britain, after ending the war between those who had inherited the identities of figures associated with Arthurian mythology, and those who were associated wit the Robin Hood legend. By accepting Β the devices of both Robin Locksley and King Arthur, Jory saved England from being torn apart. So now, the country is flourishing under a new Camelot. But just like in the original legend, all is not well, and the peace that Jory fought for and sacrificed so much for is in jeopardy. Philip Purser-Hallard excels at perfectly melding classic mythologies with real world events which is what makes his books so captivating. There are many characters to keep track of, but they’re extremely well written which keeps the reader from becoming confused. The ending is bittersweet, not unlike the classic story it’s based on, but it’s satisfying nonetheless. At over 500 pages, I did find it a little long, but honestly, this is a minor complaint. Overall,Β Trojans is a wonderful ending to an imaginative and action-filled trilogy. If you’re a fan of mythology, fantasy, and techno-thrillers, I highly recommend this trilogy.Β