As many of you may have heard, Mr. Trump, who apparently was not pleased with more recent developments in the investigation into his administration’s ties to Russia, had a Twitter tantrum early Saturday morning that reportedly caught even his handlers by surprise. While he’s known for making wild and false accusations, this time he’s leveled his libelous vitriol at our previous president, Barack Obama, accusing him of illegally wire tapping Trump Tower. I’m not going to bother going over the paranoid delusional insanity of this accusation, but something in an article written by Mile Allen of Axios, really struck me. He spoke to an unnamed White House official who had this to say regarding this:

The president just has a great nose for these things. It’s the bureaucratic leaks–the deep state–that bother him the most. Even if it turns out not to be true that they surveilled Trump Tower, he will have a very good point to make about the level of sabotage coming from Obama holdovers.


Even. If. It. Turns. Out. Not. To. Be. True. Um…All righty then. So while this probably shouldn’t come as a great shock to anyone, apparently we can all look forward to Mr. Trump and his minions to continue pulling “alternative facts” out of thin air as long as they keep furthering their agenda. Please excuse me. I need to go take an aspirin now.