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Thanks to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Jabberwocky for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

256 Pages

Synopsis: Things are changing at Fairy Tale Reform School.

At least, that’s what Gilly’s heard through the Enchantasia rumor mill. Word is, notorious trickster Rumplestiltskin has taken over management from headmistress Flora, and he’s locked down the school tighter than the Pied Piper’s pants. Not that this news concerns Gilly. She’s been released from the FTRS and is now suffering through attending Jack of All Trades School, where she gets to learn about different kinds of shoe leather and ways to measure feet.mTruly riveting stuff.

But when Gilly’s little sister Anna gets whisked off to FTRS thanks to her troublemaking new friends, Hansen and Gretel, Gilly knows she’s got to get Anna out of there. There’s only one thing to do; make some serious trouble and get thrown back into FTRS.

It’s time to out-trick a trickster.

Tricked is the third book in the Fairy Tale Reform series, and once again Jen Calonita has created a fantastical tale filled with action, humor, and wonderful worldbuilding. Gilly and her friends continue to evolve, making them completely relatable to tween readers. Just as in the previous two books, blended into the story are real life themes such as: standing up for yourself, making the right choices even though they may be the most difficult ones, and the value of friendship and teamwork. The storyline itself enhances the world of Enchantasia and introduces new, yet familiar faces both friend and foe. While I thought this particular quest came to an end a little too quickly, the ending is a perfect setup for the next book. I highly recommend Tricked and its predecessors: Flunked and Charmed for 9-12 year olds who enjoy action-filled fantasy.