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Thanks to the author for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis: Sanctuary introduces newly retired publishing executive, Theo Phillips, and his wife Liddy, to the time-lost South Georgia town of Shiloh. They leave the shadows of Atlanta and move into a quaint home of notoriety. While making new friends, they discover twenty-first-century challenges threaten the town’s laid-back lifestyle. Theo’s interest in a memorial launches him into investigating tragic events that have left Shiloh unsettled. Theo and Liddy’s retirement dreams take a turn that could unravel both of them and the idyllic life they and many others look for in Shiloh.emise

Mike Brown is another fellow WordPress blogger so if you have a chance, please go check out his fantastic blog at: http://coachbrownorg.wordpress.com When Mike asked me if I’d be interested in reading an eARC ofΒ Sanctuary, I immediately said yes mainly because I love Southern mysteries and its premise intrigued me. I’m so glad I did because it’sΒ one of those lovely gems of a book that was a near perfect read for me. I have to confess I don’t read a lot of Christian fiction. There’s no particular reason. The genre just never has been my cup of tea. But in this case, Mike does a wonderful job blending in the more religious aspects of the story without it taking over. I absolutely loved the characters and the small Southern town of Shiloh. Actually, I’d like to live there. It’s the type of small town that may be a little old-fashioned, but everyone looks out for one another. Theo and Liddy Phillips are the type of people you’d want to be friends with in real life. They’re a loving, loyal and compassionate couple who will do anything to help right a wrong, which is what happens in this book. The other characters of Shiloh are equally well-developed with many of them having their own interesting backstories. There are actually two mysteries in play here which wind-up being interconnected. They’re both intriguing, and while the outcome wasn’t a tremendous surprise, this didn’t lessen my enjoyment any. I did think the story moved a little slowly at times, but honestly, this is a minor complaint. Overall,Β Sanctuary is a pleasant read that I highly recommend to readers who enjoy cozy mysteries. I think it might be the first in a series, which I’d love, because I’m not ready to say goodbye to Theo, Liddy, and their new friends and neighbors.