A few hours ago Mr. Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, the man leading the investigation into whether there were Trump campaign officials who colluded with Russia to swing the election his way. And to top off the sheer outrageousness of this act, Attorney General Jeff Sessions who recused himself from taking any part in the Russian investigation, took part in the firing of Comey. Because Gronda always has the best political knowledge as to what’s going on with our government I’m sharing her latest post covering this. All I want to add is that it is past time that an independent special prosecutor be appointed. This is something everyone should have no problem agreeing on no matter what politicial party they belong to!

Gronda Morin

Image result for pictures of james comeyIt is not as if the FBI Director has a lot of friends on either side of the aisle, but the timing of today’s firing on 5/9/17 by the republican President Donald Trump’s of the FBI Director James Comey looks suspect.

It is at an inopportune time when he is in the middle of investigating the ties between the president, his associates and Russian operatives pertaining to Russia’s meddling to the 2016 US presidential elections. Although the president signed the firing letter, he is claiming that the Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had delivered this recommendation to him. Frankly, I find this claim, incredulous.

It is time for all those who are part of the resistance (non Trump voters) to call, write, email, tweet and do whatever has to be done, to have an independent commission established along with assigning a special prosecutor to conduct an…

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