ANOTHER WEEK, ANOTHER TRIP ON THE TRUMP CRAZY TRAIN! Thanks to Gronda for summing up yet another White House fiasco. I swear this woman deserves a medal!

Gronda Morin

The republican President Donald Trump seems to be on the downward roller coaster ride of self-destruction and the ride hasn’t ended yet.

Remember all the fuss republicans raised about the democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton having possibly placed classified data at risk while she was Secretary of State (2009- 2013) because she had used a private server to transmit and receive work product emails. Her intent to do this was never proven because as per the state department’s protocol, any classified data was supposed to have already been separated out to be used via other secured systems. As audits have proven in the past, a certain percentage of the data that Hillary Clinton worked on via her private server would have been retroactively marked classified and in this case, out of 30,000 emails 3 pieces slipped throughout without the standard heading of “CLASSIFIED,”  and 110 were retroactively determined to be classified…

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