A couple of weeks ago WordPress sent me one of these, which took me completely by surprise! It really doesn’t seem like I started blogging three years ago.

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Boy time flies! I also realized that about six weeks ago I reached another milestone.

giphy (4).gif

2,000 followers? This completely blew me away, and since then I now somehow have attracted another 265! At first I thought, “No way! That can’t be right!”

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But nope. That’s what my WP stats say, so who am I to argue? I would just like to say THANK YOU to each and everyone of you who have been interested enough to follow me over the past three years.


You’re all so amazing, and I can’t truly express how much you mean to me, so hopefully these will help.

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Β giphy (2)

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You guys are the best! I LOVE YOU!

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