In light of Mr. Trump officially putting his ban on transgenders in the military into action, Chris’s post is even more heartbreaking.

One Trans Voice

Dear White People,

I understand how much you are called to move this country forward with social justice actions and community involvement.  You uniquely probe into other races/cultures that are perceived as having less opportunity or less empathy and are able to superficially see the justification in your acts of altruism (to fight the just fight).  I’ll raise a hand to pat you on the back for that; thank you.  For sure, you have the energy and are willing to learn.  I have never felt more alone.  I looked to you, the social liberals, the progressives, the peacekeepers, the media, and the outspoken activists for change.  After each conversation with you I was more alone.  I do not fit into your box of progressive social movement diversity.  I am white.  I am transgender.  I am a veteran.  I am nothing special.  I’m an american.  I turned to my church, but…

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