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Thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

Release Date: October 3rd, 2017

384 Pages

Synopsis: NYT bestselling author Wong takes readers to a whole new level with his latest dark comic sci-fi thriller, set in the world of John Dies At the End and This Book Is Full of Spiders. Dave, John and Amy recount what seems like a straightforward tale of a shape-shifting creature from another dimension that is stealing children and brainwashing their parents, but it eventually becomes clear that someone is lying, and that someone is the narrators.

The novel you’re reading is a cover-up, and the “true” story reveals itself in the cracks of their hilariously convoluted, and sometimes contradictory narrative. 

Equal parts terrifying and darkly comedic in his writing, David Wong “will be remembered as one of today’s great satirists”. (Nerdist)

If ever a book was more aptly titled, this would be it! Like it’s two predecessors, What the Hell Did I Just Read is a crazy thrill ride unlike any book you’ve ever read!

David, John and Amy once again find themselves involved with yet another “otherworldly” occurrence. And of course that puts them at odds with the police, the FBI, a motorcycle gang, a kick-ass woman who’s prepared for anything, and an ex-special forces man. And from there, hilarity ensues with the use of some spectacularly odd weapons like flying dildos filled with sulfur and blue beams that erase minds. 

And of course no adventure would be complete without John and Dave imbibing that special Soy Sauce, which adds to the sheer craziness of the story. Thankfully, the sweet yet totally badass Amy is there to keep everyone grounded.

With What the Hell Did I Just Read, once again David Wong has dreamed up a highly imaginative tale that brilliantly combines horror and satirical humor. It’s an absolutely bonkers trip that in my opinion not only is his best book yet, but also solidifies Mr. Wong’s place in literary fiction. Although you can read this as a standalone,  I recommend you read the previous two books in this series if you haven’t already, in order to get the full effect of this of this dauntless trio and their zany adventures, before jumping into this. Otherwise, I HIGHLY recommend this for fans of slapstick comedic horror. As the author states:

You want to hear a story? Well, buckle the fuck up!