Running from the Rte 91 Harvest Country Music Festival near the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas after gunfire was heard on Sunday. David Becker/Getty Images.

What is now being described as the deadliest mass shooting here in the U.S. took place shortly after 10:00 last night. While approximately 22,000 country music fans were gathered on the Last Vegas Strip, a man who police are describing as a “lone wolf” and a local of the Las Vegas area opened fire, killing at least 58 people and injuring 515+. Police have identified him as a 64-year-old man who lived in a nearby retirement community. Yes, that’s right. A retiree for some God knows what reason decided to kill as many innocents as possible. The images coming out are horrific with concertgoers, including children, fleeing from the gunfire and ducking for cover. Naturally the motive is not known yet, but it’s difficult to imagine what would cause a retiree with no criminal record commit one of the worst massacre in U.S. history.  My heart is breaking right now and  I’m not going to point my finger or assign blame because all I can think of is the victims. I hope that no one here in our blogging community was there or had family or friends attending this celebration of country music. My thoughts and prayers go out to Las Vegas.