Thank you Gronda for this excellent post on Senator Diane Feinstein’s courageous move to bring into the light what Republicans led by Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham, have been desperately trying to keep hidden. The American public has the right to know the truth!

Gronda Morin

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Recently, the republicans in the US Congress have been somehow privy to internal polls/ research showing that there will be a tsunami wave of wins by democrats in the upcoming November 2018 elections. So, The republicans are attempting to do everything possible to mitigate against their expected losses that are predicted post the 2018 mid-term elections

This change of fortunes favoring Democrats have republicans in the US Congress trying to figure out way to shut down or neuter the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe and its leader, the Special Counsel Robert Mueller III. It is bad enough that they will be facing some convictions and bad press as a result of this inquiry, but then the Democrats as the majority party in US House of Representatives will be in a position to subpoena the president’s IRS tax records, order a 9/11 independent commission to investigate everything and anyone involved in Russia’s…

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