What happened today.


1. Trump refused to implement the Russian sanctions passed by a veto-proof majority in both the House and the Senate. He’s insisting they’re not needed. Laws? Checks and balances? What are those?


2. Trump organized the early departure of well-respected FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe as part of a political purge. Watch out Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. You’re next!


3. Trump’s Republican minions on the House Intelligence Committee voted to release a classified and partisan memo written by Chairclown Devin Nunes in order to smear the FBI and Bob Mueller’s investigation. I’m usually all for transparency in the government, but there’s a responsible way to do this that doesn’t risk exposing classified intelligence and sources. In addition, Nunes refused to let the Republican Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr view the memo. He’s also disregarded the Justice Department’s warnings that this action would be “extremely reckless.” And finally, the Republicans are refusing to allow the Democrats on the Committee to release their own 10 page rebuttal memo. 

And just think. It’s only Monday!

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