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Thanks to Edelweiss and G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review. 

Release Date: Available Now

512 Pages

Synopsis: Noah Livingston knows he is destined to survive.

The 64 members of Fire Lake’s sophomore class are trapped in a place where morals have no meaning, and zero rules apply. But Noah’s deaths have trained him—-hardened him—-to lead the strongest into the future…whatever that may be. And at any cost. 

Min Wilder knows that survival alone isn’t enough.

Trapped in a violent world where brute force passes for leadership, it’s tempting to lay back and let everyone else fight it out. But Min’s instincts rebel against allowing others to decide who lives and who dies. She’s ready to fight for what she believes in. And against whomever might stand in her way.

I don’t always find a sequel that’s even better than the first book in a series, but that’s what happened here. Genesis picks up exactly where Nemesis left off, and even though I read the previous book over a year ago, I had no problem jumping right back in. Adapting to this new cruel and brutal world they’ve been thrust into, it was mesmerizing watching how the various characters continued to evolve and cope, especially Min and Noah. The world-building and story is intense and I was on the edge of my seat from the first chapter. The book is over 500 pages, but I finished it in two days because I just couldn’t put it down. The ending was exciting, although almost a little too neat, but it perfectly wraps things up for the next book, which I’m eagerly anticipating.