As many of you know, Jay’s second book “Father Figure”, was published last week. I’ll be posting my review on June 8th, but in the meantime you guys have to check out this hysterically funny interview Shalini did on her blog!

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Hey guys! Grab a drink and some munchies. This is gonna be one heck of a ride!! Outrageous flirting all from my side, funny answers from his side, and few occasional quips!! Join us!!

This was supposed to be a short interview, till it became super long like an essay, and now it is transformed into a novella.

Bold: the original questions set by me

Blue italics: James J Cudney IV

Red: Me, the interviewer extraordinaire

I have always wanted to do something different, and since I have already reviewed the book Father Figure, I decided to grill James J. Cudney, the fourth, crown prince of the land, This Is My Truth Now.
You know it’s a real place, right? Any time you tease that I haven’t responded to a comment on some social media platform, it’s because I am visiting my homeland, This Is My Truth Now. It’s somewhere…

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