This has been a tough week with the high profile suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. May they both rest in peace. Sheryl has written a personal and heartfelt post on what can drive someone to this heartbreaking choice. When I read it it touched a chord in me and I suspect it will touch others as well. Please read this!

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I’m beginning a new category for current issues that touch my heart.

This week we lost two celebrities to suicide: Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade. Both still young, doing what they loved and reportedly worth millions.

I’ve written about suicide a few times. It’s been near to my heart for many years… and for many reasons. Maybe I should begin at the beginning… with my own story.

I was a depressed and anxious ADHD kid. I bit my nails until they bled, wanted everyone to love me and emotionally crashed over and over again when they didn’t. I had a massive heart for animals and a need for risk to match it.

I was the child that swam beyond the waves in the ocean, climbed and dove from the highest places I could find, could be found on rooftops and along the block walls that meandered through the neighbors…

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