Please keep Didi and the people of Central Utah in your thoughts and prayers!

Didi Oviatt -Author

If you were to take a twenty to thirty minute drive from my house to a nearby and much loved mountain range (It’s actually where I was married) you’d drive right to the flames of this frightening forest fire.


What started as a prescribed burn has spread. As of last Saturday, the flames were contained and we thought the entire en-devour would be coming to a close. Oh were we all so very wrong!  Due to the extreme dry conditions that this year as to offer, accompanied by massive winds that kicked up all day Sunday and beyond… this fire has spread immensely. The winds pushed the flames, and they grew far beyond the original intention.

There are several small towns so close to the fire that the air quality is miserable and it’s been raining ashes for days. It’s a dry year as…

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