Didi, our wonderful fellow blogger and author extraordinaire, has done another one of her posts showcasing some truly spectacular blogs. You’ve got to check them out!

Didi Oviatt -Author

Just about one full year ago a I wrote a few poems about some supportive bloggers that I absolutely love, Supportive Bloggers, 1st poemSupportive Bloggers, 2nd Poem, and Supportive Bloggers, 3rd and Final(ish) Poem. I pulled them up for a read the other day and was very pleased to see that practically all of the people/blogs I had mentioned in them, are still active and just as supportive to the date!

It’s extremely exciting to see that so many of the like minded people that you follow on the web, can in fact be considered as long term friendships! Talk about closing the gap between virtual and reality. I came to the conclusion that virtual friendships, much like face to face relationships, become richer and hold more depth/meaning with time! Not only does this reinforce my confidence in the time spent here over the last 2…

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