Well, today’s the day where Senators will view the FBIs  report on their “supplemental investigation” of Judge Kavanaugh. I’m not holding out much hope given the constraints that were put on the parameters of the investigation by the White House and Republicans. Neither am I hopeful that any of the so-called “swing votes,” Republican Senators Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Jeff Flake will vote with their conscience. No, this sham report will give them the excuse to vote with their party. Sadly, I believe within the next 48-72 hours another perjurer and sexual predator will join Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court. Since I shared my own story with you last Thursday, I’ve emailed a condensed version to my Senator, Susan Collins, and even though I’m not a constituent: Senators Murkowski, Flake, and Democrat Senators Heidi Heitkamp and Joe Manchin who are facing tough re-elections in Red states. I also included the link to an article that was featured in the Scientific American last week on the subject of trauma and memory, which John, from https://noirencyclopedia.wordpress.com so thoughtfully provided in his comments. Near the end of her four hour testimony last week there was this heartbreaking exchange between Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy and Dr. Ford:

On Tuesday night Mr. Trump mocked Dr. Ford at a rally in Mississippi.

Am I surprised that Mr. Trump erupted like an infected boil? Of course not. I’m shocked that it took five days for him to once again show vile he is. And while it hurt to watch, neither am I surprised at his syncophantic audience cheering and jeering. What dismayed me the most was that young boy who stood behind Trump to his left side, expressionless, just taking everything in. I truly fear what lasting impressions we are leaving on the next generation.


I know how tempting it is for many of us to throw up our hands and give up right now. I’m so depressed that I’d like nothing better than to crawl under my bed and hide until 2020. No matter what happens with Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination, we have the opportunity to effect real change next month, so I beg of you, don’t sink into apathy, as tempting as it may be. Get out there and VOTE! Don’t let these past couple of weeks be for naught.