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This past week, as I was trying to avoid watching the news (mainly unsuccessfully), I had time to watch Harlan Coben ‘s Safe on Netflix. He’s one of my favorite suspense/thriller authors, and I’m happy to say this eight episode series is just as full of shocking twists and turns as his books. So, if you have Netflix and you haven’t watched this yet, you definitely should. 


In addition to a great story and outstanding cast, there was another thing that caught my attention. The theme song that played at the beginning of each episode is one of those songs that gets stuck in your head. About midway through my binge watching I had to find out what this song was and who was the artist. The song is Glitter & Gold, and the singer is Barns Courtney, a British folk/pop/rock musician. He may look like a young British schoolboy, but he has the gritty voice of a whisky-fueled old soul. The song is amazing so check it out.


And if that doesn’t make you want to embrace your inner badass, check out Fire.