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A Series of Unfortunate Events season 3 poster

As everyone who subscribes to Netflix knows, the streaming giant is known for its “What were they thinking?” bombs (I’m talking to you, developers of The Cloverfield Paradox, and Fuller House). However, they also have released many gems, including: The Christmas Chronicles with Kurt Russell, Bird Box with Sandra Bullock, and of course the brilliant Stranger Things. Another one of their wonderful creations is Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events, which is a nearly perfect adaptation of the books. The third and final season is comprised of the last three books: The Grim Grotto, The Penultimate Peril, and The End. It dropped yesterday and if you haven’t yet checked this out you need to ASAP! Will the perpetually suffering Baudelaires at long last be granted their well deserved happy ending? Will the greedy, grasping, villainous Count Olaf and his despicable minions get their just desserts? And most importantly, will Mr. Poe finally go see a doctor for his annoyingly persistent cough? As Lemony Snicket is the epitome of whimsy, I’m dedicating this week’s Whimsical Wednesday to both the Netflix show and the books.

In any case, this is how all our stories begin, in darkness with our eyes closed and all our stories end the same way too, with all of us uttering our last words—or someone else’s—before slipping back into the darkness, as our series of unfortunate events comes to an end.

~ Lemony Snicket, aka Daniel Handler, The End ~