Since 1982, every year International Dance Day is celebrated on April 29th to promote the art of dance across cultural, political, and ethnic barriers. It encourages education and participation in dance and attempts to serve as a wake-up call to politicians, governments, and institutions around the world which haven’t yet recognized its intrinsic value.


This year’s spokesperson is Egyptian dancer, choreographer, and educator Karima Mansour. She states:

Dance is a healer. Dance is where humanity can meet.


I invite people to go beyond borders, identity crises, nationalities, and frames. May we free ourselves of those limitations and find movement and momentum in that universal language. I invite everyone to dance to their heartbeat, to their inner truth, because it is from these internal movements, which lead to internal revolutions, where real change happens.

I hope the videos below will help inspire you to put on your dancing shoes, or at least get your toes tapping!