Michel is one of my favorite bloggers and some of you may already follow him as well. If not, you definitely should. This guy writes about EVERYTHING! Books, movies, tv, board games, anime, and more.


When you walk down path of the cemetary, you finally stop at a lone and solitary grave. As the moon rises up in the sky it reveals a crumbling tombstone that reads: โ€œHere rests the blog of Raistlin0903. It will never return to the land of WordPressโ€. You gaze up at the unforgiving heavens, screaming your outrage. Especially at the creator of that blog. How could that guy just turn his back at us? Why did he not even say goodbye? Sighing you now turn YOUR back, your anger still fuming. But just when you start to walk away you hear something. With unbelieving eyes you watch in amazement when you see the ground at the grave is beginning to stir. A pale hand suddenly emerges, clutching a tablet ย that slowly turns on. Your eyes focus on the words that seem to appear from out of nowhere on the screenโ€ฆ

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