Lisa is a wonderful blogger and writer who has always painted El Paso in such vivid detail through her posts. Sadly, this is a heartbreaking one, but seeing her photographs and reading her words will give you a more personal look at the tragedy that happened. EL PASO STRONG!

Life of an El Paso Woman

20190808_1508463335921568367172448.jpgHi everyone. I hope you’re doing well. Today we visited the memorial the community’s created over the last four days. This is located behind Walmart near Cielo Vista Mall on Gateway Blvd. West. You see news vans from around the country surrounding the area. There’s also been news crews from Europe, Mexico and possibly other countries worldwide. It hurt to be there but I felt like I had to be. This is the city where I was born and raised. The least I could do is show my respect for the 22 innocent lives that were taken on 8-3-19. There were so many kind souls there. People offered the public cold bottled water, snacks and even small Bibles. That was completely unexpected but appreciated on a hot and humid day. This is the El Paso I know and love. We’ve always been hospitable and friendly in this city. That’s the…

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