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If y’all heard a scream off in the distance a few minutes ago, that was me as I received an ARC of Stephen King’s upcoming The Institute (9/10)!


If you guys have been following me for a minute (okay, slight exaggeration), you know how much I LOVE Stephen King and WORSHIP the ground he walks on. Hmm. Is that too much? Do I sound stalkerish? Ah well. The KING of Horror has gotten me through good times and bad over the last 4+ decades. A few weeks ago something possessed me and I sent an email to Scribner pleading my case and asking if there were any ARCs available. To be honest, I never expected to hear back from them. Much to my shock, I received a reply last Friday saying they’d be happy to send me a copy. THANK YOU MIA! So, how happy am I? I’ll let Dean say it for me.

Rest assured I will be posting a full review most likely next week, as soon as I’ve finished. In the meantime, I hope this video makes you as happy as I am.