This is a great post by Suzan, a new blogger, who points out the struggles women still face in 2019.

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The life of daughters is overwhelming. Seeing your daughter grow big and get married is the only thing that a father wants. It’s a beautiful journey, isn’t it? But are you sure it is as beautiful as you think? Today, where the world is celebrating daughters day, let’s discuss the real issues.


Beautiful isn’t It, How our parents, friends and everyone care for us and how we care for others. But not every daughter has the same life as we do. We have everything, we are safe, we are alive but out there some girls are hungry begging on streets, getting raped or kidnapped, and many are dead due to different reasons.

A rally against rapists.

Pepper sprayed by police officers because they were shouting the truth.

Married at the age of 10, is this her age to handle house and children?

Teens killed…

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