This is a fascinating post by John about the controversial book Candy, published 61 years ago.


“Candy” By Maxwell Kenton!

61 years ago, the sex farce known as “Candy” shocked the world when published in France and immediately became a worldwide scandal.

Since this is “banned book week”, my Wednesday Bookmobile travels overseas to show how two Writers, using the assumed name of Maxwell Kenton, created a pop culture masterpiece.

Here’s a look at the book, written by Terry Southern and Mason Hoffenberg, AND also a fascinating book all about the creation of “Candy.”

Here’s the plot:

“Candy” Christian, aged eighteen, is an extremely pretty and desirable but naïve young woman, who finds herself in a variety of farcical sexual situations as a result of her desire to help others. The men in her life, regardless of age or relationship, wish only to possess her.

Because of the language and sexual situations described in this farce, the book was written under the pen name “Maxwell Kenton”…

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