This is a lovely post from Suzan about Dhanteras and Diwali. And to all my followers who celebrate: Have a wonderful and joyous Festival of Lights!

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A few days before Diwali the festival of lighting. Dhanteras is celebrated. I love Indian festivals and the reason why I couldn’t blog my book review today is down below so check it out.

Happy Dhanteras.

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This is the craziest day of the year in India. The whole family goes out and buys new things especially silver and gold items. It may actually be anything, it can be jewellery or utensils or anything. I am not much into gold but I am happy that this dhanteras my family is uniting again. Yes, we have been having some major issues going but I have a feeling it might end soon. I really hope it does. Diwali is the most beautiful time of the year. Lights everywhere. India is decorated like an Indian bride.

I love Diwali but I don’t know much about it…

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