With the public hearings beginning next week in the next phase of the impeachment inquiry, what’s already an ugly situation is about to turn even nastier. The discourse between those who support Trump and those who don’t, too often turns into personal hate-filled invective at best, and physical altercations at worst. I myself have stated on previous posts how angry and frustrated I am lately. Yesterday, I was perusing various online news sites and stumbled across this story which has reminded me that there are still small acts of kindness that occur every day.

Pictures courtesy of Ethan Crispo

Around midnight, last Saturday, due to a scheduling snafu, one solitary employee was left manning a busy Birmingham, Alabama Waffle House. After seeing how overwhelmed the worker was, two unnamed customers chipped in and helped out. They both cleared tables, poured coffee and washed dishes, so the beleaguered employee could focus on making the food and manning the register.


I love stories like this. They’re so much better than what’s happening in Washington, or the craziness at Popeyes restaurants across the country over their new $4 chicken sandwich. So, in the coming days, weeks, and months, as I will no doubt continue being infuriated by the things happening in this country, I’m going to endeavor to remember that there are countless acts of kindness, some big and some small, that take place every day, even if they don’t always make the news.