There has been so much confusion regarding the impeachment inquiry thus far, as well as where it goes from here. This is a succinct explanation courtesy of Suze that should dispel any questions still lingering.

suziland too or obsolete childhood

  1. it is a PROCESS involving several steps designated by Constitutional law.
  2. The H of Rep holds hearings, closed or open depending entirely upon which committee is holding them, to determine if there is enough information to bring about articles of impeachment.
  3. Hearings by committee are the equivalent of a grand jury. Witnesses are called and questioned. The PERSON UNDER CONSIDERATION FOR IMPEACHMENT may be asked to provide responses BUT this is not a requirement.
  4. If enough credible evidence is obtained to establish probable cause for indictment, the articles are formally voted upon by the entire House of Representatives.
  5. IF PASSED, the Articles are sent to the Senate for trial.
  6. The House selects “managers” to present the evidence to the Senate and to subpoena witnesses. (the prosecutor and defense attorney)
  7. The Senate issues a Writ of Summons to the impeached individual to appear.
  8. A trial occurs…NOT a criminal trial…

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